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An easy way to remember the treble clef is that the spaces spell out FACE from the bottom up. For the lines, think of EGBDF as Every Good Boy Does Fine.

In the bass clef, the bottom clef, think of the lines GBDFA from the bottom up as, Great Boys Draw Fancy Art.

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The Official Guide to Reading Chord Charts in Space

(all major)


A:       002220

B:       x24442

C:       032010

D:       000232

E:       022100

F:       133211

F#:      244322


Normal G:            320001

Nashville style G:   3x0033


Greetings earthling and vagrants, above are the major Tom chords, plus an F#. To read them you read from left to right, top string to bottom string. The number is the fret. Fancy this, comrade, for the A chord, you don’t fret the top two strings, or the bottom string, but on the D,G, and B strings you fret the second fret.


On the B chord, the x mean to mute the string, aka you put your finger on it, but don’t press down, so it doesn’t make much or any sound. For that final chord the F#, you can move that same chord shape up the neck, aka, a movable chord. On the 3rd fret it's a G major, then on the 4th it’s G# major, and on the 5th fret it changes like a butterfly into A major.


Remember that, as the songbook typewriter musician always says, between B and C and E and F no flats or sharps exist. So 6th fret = A# major, 7th fret = B major, 8th fret = C major and so on.


Now put your chord skills to use with some free song chord charts …Here

Reading Advanced Chord Charts & Tabs 

   G6/9 G6 C/G CM13 CM7 D6/9 D9 Am Asus2 Bm  Em               







Above is a tab for how to play certain chords. To read it, match up the fret number with the string.  For example, on that last chord the Em you fret the 2nd fret on the A and D strings and leave the rest open as you strum it. These are the chords to play the Tallest Man on Earth song, 1904. Note that he uses a capo and tunes the high e down to a d. To play his song click here

Circle of Theory



Click the color wheel to reveal the sharps the keys of music theory.



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Polychords are two chords played at the same time.

Elektra Chord

The Elektra chord is made of E major and C# minor. (EG#B and C#E#G#)

Petrushka Chord

The Petrushka Chord is made of CMaj and F#Maj (CEG and F#A#C#)

Prometheus Chord

The Prometheus or Mystic Chord is made of C F# Bb E A D

Tristian Chord

The Tristian Chord is made up of F B D# and G#

Psalms Chord

The Psalms Chord is made up of E G B G in the bass and G E G B in the treble. 

Slash Chords

Slash chords are written as a chord and bass note with a slash in between. For example, A/C would be an A chord with a C in the bass, and Dsus4/C would be a Dsus4 chord with C in the bass (3rd fret on the A string).